Brittney Jones Sex Tape
Brittney Jones Sex Tape
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Brittney Jones:  Sex Tape that Rocked the Hollywood Power Couple

Scandals, love, divorce and mistresses... this story has it all!  Who is Brittney Jones and why is she all over entertainment news with rumors of a sex tape?  We all thought that at one point Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were soul mates embodying the idea of a loving relationship with a cougar and the hottest man alive.   All these ideas are gone.  Rumors have been circulating of Ashton Kutcher having an affair with a no-name 21-year-old girl Brittney Jones.

Star magazine reported that Brittany Jones met Ashton Kutcher while bowling with Demi's daughter Rumer.  She slipped him her phone number on a napkin.  Later Kutcher texted her things like – "R U busy?"  Eventually they decided to meet while Demi was out of town at Ashton and Moore's house together, where Jones claims the two had sex together on the couch.  Jones professes that this affair was not random, it was meaningful, and he was a wonderful lover. Ashton denies the allegations and defends them with his attorney.  Currently, Demi and Ashton are on the brink of a divorce due to many of these cheating rumors that his camp still denies.  

Regardless, now you can see Jones as Kutcher has had her.  Err... if these allegations are true.  Supposedly there are texts to back the story!  Jones recently released a sex tape that takes place in a hotel room with excellent video quality.   You can see why Kutcher had a lapse in judgment!  One of the best sex tapes in recent history, Brittney Jones, the woman that rocked the Hollywood power couple is featured having sex with a former boyfriend.  Jones says that sex tape was leaked and vehemently denies selling the sex tape for money.  In any event, this is one sex tape you can't miss!  Jones has an incredible body and a knack for being quite the wild cat in the sack!  Natural breasts, a great ass, and all the Ashton had while Demi was away.  Must see for sure!

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